• ​What guitars do you play, what strings, what amps etc. This is really the most asked question. Go to main web site www.MattOtten.com for more information and thoughts about that.
  • What tutorial should I start with? It really depends on your background, knowledge and skill level. You can find a more extensive guide on the main web site. 
  • Can I use your tutorials on Mac, iPad, iPhone. Mostly yes, but:
    ​- downloads are zipped, you need an unzip tool or app
    ​- most video is WMV or MP4, for WMV you may need to install a WMV player or WMV plugin for QuickTime. 
    ​- The fretboard plugin in the Jazz Exercises is Windows only. But you can watch the Fretboard Videos instead.
    ​You can also copy CD or DVD contents onto an iPad if you want, if you have a computer with disk drive.
  • Do you have a refund policy? If you dont like what you got, within 30 days, you will get a refund, no discussion. You would help us improve, if you tell us why.
  • What to buy, where to start? Look on the what to buy page.
  • Where are the free bonus lessons after my purchase? If you missed the automatic link with bonus lessons, send a mail with a date of purchase, and you will get it sent to you.
  • How long does it take to ship CDs and DVDs? Standard shipping ($5 for a disc) takes a few days, up to about a week in Europe, a week to two weeks (max) outside Europe. You can request special shipping by e-mail, we will then calculate the cost based on your request and your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions